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Sung-Hyun Hong,  Ph.D

Sung-Hyun Hong, Ph.DPh. D in Pharmacology, College of Medicine, DanKook University
Industry-Academy Collaborative Professor, Pharmaceutical Engineering Department, Daegu Catholic University
Bio-health Expert Committee Member, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Adjunct Professor, Department of Advanced Science Dankook University
Director, Metabolomic Research Center, Eone Medical Foundation
CEO, Korea Genomic Information Research Institute

Scientific Advisor

Hyung-Gun Kim, M.D  Ph.D

Hyung-Gun Kim, M.D Ph.DM.D., Ph. D in Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Korea University
Professor, Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine Dankook University
Director, Dankook University Instituitional Review Board (IRB)
Director, Dankook University Animal Instituitional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Director, Oscotec Inc.
Senior Researcher, Core Facility of Mouse Behavioral & Biochemical Analysis Unit, Duke University
Visiting Fellow, Section on Clinical Pharmacology, NIMH, NIH
Research Instructor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Georgetown University


Eun-Ho Lee,  Ph.D.

Eun-Ho Lee, Ph.D.
CEO, Generys Korea Co.
Team Manager, Oscotec Inc.
Head Researcher, SK Co.
Visiting Researcher, Harvard Medical School

Scientific Advisory Board