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Welcome to NeuroVIS

The global aging society is rapidly increasing and the number of patients with brain disease is rapidly increasing, which is becoming a serious social problem. In addition, due to the development of medical technology and the increase of nation's social safety net, the life expectancy of the elderly population has been extended and there is a rapid increase in the demand for prevention and treatment of cranial nervous system diseases.

Understanding the cognitive brain function and the damage of the brain is a field in which warrants a great need for development of new drugs due to high demand for innovative new drugs and unmet medical needs in order to promote the public health.

NeuroVIS has many years of research experience and technical expertise in the neuroscience related fields, and the world's first freely moving animal model using the advanced microdialysis technology and the most advanced mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS), we have developed a simultaneous analysis of neurotransmitters and metabolites from various biological samples via brain and spinal cord microdialysis. We will contribute to lead the development of innovative new drugs based on core drug evaluation technologies such as mechanism of action of central nervous system drugs and evaluation of drug efficacy.

As a non-clinical CRO for the central nervous system, we will provide differentiated research and best customer service to world-wide hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and establishes cooperative relations with leading domestic and overseas specialized institutes to increase the world's competitiveness by developing new technologies and global human resources. We are trying our best to be an innovative company. I look forward to your continued support and interest.