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㈜뉴로비스는 임상시험검체분석기관(GCLP)으로 기존 확립된 사람 혈액에서 amyloid-beta 1-40, 1-42 동시 분석법을 대표적인 알츠하이머 동물 도델인 5XFAD 마우스 혈액에서 12개월까지 연령에 따라 채혈 분석하여 혈장 amyloid-beta 42 농도와 amyloid-beta 42/40 비율이 유의하게(P<0.001) 감소함을 확인하였습니다. 이로서 최초로 알츠하이머 치매를 타겟하는 약물(특히 amyloid 단백을 타겟으로 하는)의 약효를 바이오마커로 객관적으로 검증할 수 있는 방법이 확립되었습니다.

이 방법으로 약효를 검증하거나 부가적으로 학습과 기억(learning & memory) 행동 평가인 radial maze, Barnes maze, fear conditioning (contextual and cued), place recognition (T-maze, Y-maze), passive avoidance test와 면역조직검사(immunohistochemistry)로 thioflavin S, NeuN, synaptophysin, GFAP, Iba-1, DCX, TOM20등의 실험을 조합하여  알츠하이머 치매 대상으로 개발된 약물의 POC (proof of concept)나 약효를 확인하고자 하시는 연구자는 저희 협력사인 한국비임상기술지원센터(031-759-9934)를 통해 문의바랍니다.

NeuroVis Inc. (, as a certified GCLP (good clinical laboratory practice), has established an objective method for validating the efficacy of drugs targeting Alzheimer's disease through biomarkers both in clinical and non-clinical trials. This was achieved by performing simultaneous analysis of amyloid-beta 1-40 and 1-42 in human blood and analyzing blood samples from 5XFAD mice - a representative animal model of Alzheimer's disease - according to age for up to 12 months. The company has confirmed a significant decrease (P<0.001) in the plasma amyloid-beta 42 concentration and amyloid-beta 42/40 ratio, representing a groundbreaking milestone for efficacy evaluation in developing drug therapies for Alzheimer's disease. 

Researchers who want to confirm the POC (proof of concept) or efficacy of drugs developed for Alzheimer's disease can use complementary behavioral analysis for learning & memory, such as a radial maze, Barnes maze, fear conditioning (contextual and cued), place recognition (T-maze, Y-maze), passive avoidance test, and immunohistochemistry using thioflavin S, NeuN, synaptophysin, GFAP, Iba-1, DCX, TOM20, and others. For further inquiries or researchers interested in verifying the efficacy of drugs by applying these methods, please get in touch with NeuroVis Inc. directly (​


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